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One Room Challenge 2021 - Week One - THE BEFORE!

I am super excited to announce that I will yet again be taking part in the Spring One Room Challenge!

The gist of the challenge is that each designer selects one room to design over 8 weeks with the final reveal happening this year on June 24th.

The process will be documented in 6-8 blog posts and via insta Highlights, during which I'll be showcasing some major aspects of my design process and what clients can expect along the way!

One interesting thing about me is that I am incredibly decisive when it comes to decisions for my clients and their spaces. But, when it comes to my own spaces I've been wishy-washy and floppy-floppy on the direction I wanted to pursue. I literally forget all my own design rules.

BUT as you may remember, I madeover our dining room last year to be a high contrast, modern glam space and so I’m going to follow suit - but tone it down a little bit for this space...

In case you want to look back on the dining room I did for the Spring 2020 ORC, here’s a glimpse:


Dining Room makeover in Toronto, condo with orange floors


Glam dining Room with stenciled wall and white buffet in toronto

And, here are the links in case you want to read about the 8-week journey me and my dining room went through!

I am super excited to do this again, mostly because 'as we all know' Covid continues to put a damper on our social lives! Plus, it's a project I have been dying to do for quite a long time now...

Here is the blog post schedule just in case you would like to follow along:

So, without further ado...

*Drumroll please*

This year I’ll be making over our bedroom -- which has been neglected for far too long. It lacks style in every way, the disfunction increases by the day and well, it’s just plain UGLY.

One problem I know I’m going to have is that we both like to have our own Queen size comforters on our king size bed.

Welllll, actually it was me who forced this....

And, here's why:

1.) The cat is always my little spoon and he sleeps between me and the edge of the bed on the comforter. Since Mack is on the other side, if we use the same blanket, I am literally trapped in there or have to wake one of them up to get out.

Sucks to be loved right?! (*Kidding*)

2.) I like to cocoon myself in the blanket, freely, without disturbing anyone. I get hot quickly, I get cold quickly, I rarely sleep with my feet in the blankets (who else is with me here!?!?!) The point is I like to be able to move and adjust the blanket to my personal needs as I please without disturbing anyone else!

Is that so much to ask!?!

Another problem I know I’m going to run into is Budget vs. Inventory. We don’t want to go all out redoing this room because the reality is we just don’t plan to stay here for forever.

Now, if you’ve tried to buy anything for your home this past year, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Since Covid hit, vendors of all kinds have run into problems with manufacturing, logistics and other issues that have caused delays, depleted inventories and longer than usual lead times.

Then when you factor in the explosion that happened in the design and build industries this last year (people spending their travel fund on their homes) all low cost vendors have had major inventory issues.

You can literally add items to your cart and by the time you hit 'cash out' they are sold out... *Not kidding*

So, there’s a fine balance between keeping the budget low and being able to get all the items I source for the look before the reveal date on June 24th.

But hey, as a designer, I am a professional problem solver, so bring it on!

Guys, I am legit so embarrassed to show you these before photos. I actually wish I could skip this step. But, they provide so much impact when it's all said and done so I’m going to do it...

Cover your children’s eyes!

Look away if you are squeamish!

And, for the love of god, do not judge me!!!


*Ahem* So anyways, if you followed along last year, you may remember that this is a rental so there are some limits on what I can - like the dreaded orange toned parquet floors.

I loathhhhhh them.

But, luckily I’ve helped lots of clients in the past that had floors this colour and were also not able to change them, so I know how to draw attention away and how to choose a colour palette that will play nicely.

OH, and those paintings you ask?!? We did our own little paint night here in the apartment. We put an image up on the tv and both painted it - crazy how different two people interpret the same thing right?

Well, that's all for this week, next week I'll start to reveal some of the vision that I have for this dungeon - so stay tuned!


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PLUS, we had to change the app that housed all of our blog comments...

so, unfortunately we lost them all!!!!

And, don't forget to take a look at what the other fab designer are doing for their ORC by clicking the link below!

One Room Challenge Guest Participant

Lastly, don't forget to contact us for your next home design project!

That's all for now!

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