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One Room Challenge - Week Four - Behind the Scenes

So, if you've been following along, welcome back! And if you're just tuning in now, it's nice to have you!

Over the past three weeks I have walked you through planning my own bedroom makeover.

So far we’ve covered:


The Concept board

Not much that I can show you, has happened over this last week, it’s really been a lot more of some behind the scenes stuff (which is a big part of every project).

So let’s dive into what’s gone on!

Really and truly we have just been decluttering some stuff and prepping to sell a couple things from the bedroom to make room for the new pieces we'll be purchasing.

I cannot tell you enough how handy Facebook Marketplace is for stuff like this. Toronto is already so pricing just to live that people are always looking for a good deal on stuff for their home!

Purchasing can be very exciting or very daunting or a mix of both.

Exciting because you really get into envisioning how your space is going to look. The excitement builds and you realize your dream is going to be coming life!!

But, it can be daunting sometimes as well because depending on how many places your items have been sourced from it might take a several hours to get everything ordered. Not only that, but sometimes things have sold out or been discontinued by the time you go to purchase.

Some vendors don't let you purchase out of stock items, for instance Wayfair and IKEA so I haven't placed our orders yet but am hoping to get it done with the exception of the wardrobes this weekend!

The headboard I selected just came back in stock - YAY! But some of the pieces of wardrobe are still out of stock so I opted to wait a little to order stuff.

ALSO, lockdowns are set to end here on June 2 so we are excited to go and get the paint for our accent wall!!

Well, that's all for now! More to come next week!


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