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One Room Challenge - Week Seven - THE REVEAL!

Well guys, this last week of the challenge was both an exciting one and also a very very busy one.

We finally got the wall all patched up, primed, repainted and then stencilled. And, I truly could not be happier with the results:

Cutting Edge Wall Stencil, Glam trellis pattern in dining rom

Honestly, the entire vibe of the apartment has been elevated. This dining room is visible from our sectional and I literally can’t stop looking over and smiling while I'm sitting on it!

Here are the before photos once again, just for dramatics:

boring dining room in toronto condo

How to style my dining room

And, here is the Glam Dining Room I can't wait to brag about:

Floating candles on dinin table with stenciled wall

how to style my dining table

black leather dining chairs with chandelier

how to style a room with ostrich feathers

How to style a round mirror above a console table

Can I put a throw blanket in my dining room

floor lamp in dining room

how to style a bar cart with gold accents

How to style a bar cart with flowers

So what did I learn along the way:

  • Paint stripper and working in the sun helps you scrap and sand furniture much easier 

  • How to properly inspect a wall before painting it 

  • How to fill holes in wood and perfectly sand them so they are invisible

  • Using a brush or roller to apply paint to furniture and then going over it with a foam brush leaves a nice clean texture on the piece

  • Cracks in walls, no matter how small, will need to be chipped out and re-patched

  • How to set up a plastic barrier wall for intense sanding

  • Don’t buy the cheap painters tape + when to use delicate painters tape 

  • Bulkheads should almost always be white underneath 

  • Stencilling a full wall can be time consuming but is sooooooo worth it. Don‘t be afraid to cut up stencils at the end for tight areas

  • A high-density roller is the best option for stencilling, AND, you should definitely also order a stippling brush & fine tip flat brush for touch ups - you will need them

  • Doing two coats of paint on a stencil will take a lot longer because you have to wait for the first coat to dry before moving the stencil or adding the second coat

  • Stencils will almost always bleed a little but it seriously is not visible at all once you get 3 feet away from the wall + touch ups work incredibly well

  • I am not a professional painter ha!

  • Cleaning a chandelier by hand is very time consuming and tedious, but damn do they sparkle when you’re done 

  • 7 weeks really do fly by!

  • My cat likes to be my audience when I take videos explaining stuff - and I can't keep my game face on when he does

  • Champagne is the best way to celebrate a job well done

Quick Designer tips:

  • 1st off, all of the above!

  • Matte white paint hides so much on your walls - take your time when inspecting the condition of a wall

  • Paint will almost always look darker in your home

  • Paint also dries darker

  • Oil based metallics are shinier 

  • Light changes colour drastically

  • Always up-size round mirrors above consoles because they visually are much smaller than square or rectangle mirrors

  • Mix your textures & patterns by using different scales/ repeats

  • Always include items that excite you

Behind the Scenes celebrating with my partner in crime:

(He scared the cat ha!)

how we styled our rental dining room glam

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how to stencil a bulkhead

That's all for now!

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