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One Room Challenge - Week Five - Shopping List + Progress Report

Guys, the boxes have almost all arrived…. I am dying to rip them open and play in my new dining room! But, I promised myself a big HGTV style reveal so I have moved them out of view and am trying not to think about it....

If you forgot what items I selected, here's the Concept Board again!

Glam dining room mood board

Don't forget to click the hotspots to move through the space!

(Use the above link if you want to view it full screen or are on a mobile device!)

PLUS…. my wall stencil also arrived! I’m still deciding on what colour(s) I’m going to use for it. I really wanted to go with black and white but with our floor plan, this area is visible from the sectional when facing the tv. If I go with something bold like black, when I'm sitting on the sectional my peripheral vision will always feel heavier on the right side.

And, since I’m one of those people that likes things to feel balance, I think this might grind my gears down the road as the left side is our entry and it is white.

Here’s a birds eye view of the previous floor plan so you can see what I mean:

(the new layout isn't fully built yet since we're only doing the DR right now!)

Toronto condo floor plan

So, I’m still bouncing around on that decision. BUT, here’s the wall stencil I went with:

Classic trellis pattern wall stencil

Something else I wanted to share with you is my shopping list! This is another deliverable that all my clients get toward the end of their project. It’s a clickable PDF showcasing all the final selections as well as the retail pricing and product information, with links they can open and shop directly from!

(The below photos and PDF was updated once this project was complete to reflect the added supplies we needed to fix the wall!)

Click below to see the actual PDF of my dining room shopping list as well as the information about the pieces I selected! (You can even shop the items you like!)

Bathurt Shopping List NEW
Download PDF • 4.82MB

So, what’s left?

Well, I still need to take the drapes in to be hemmed. Covid has made this a very tough task. Hopefully, if it’s safe to do so, my local dry cleaners will be open back up and be able to make the alterations soon!

I still need to paint the buffet. We finally finished sanding all the paint out of the inlay corners. That was some serious sweat equity but it's going to be totally worth it. I also filled in the holes where the previous hardware had been as I’m replacing those with new gold bars.

What should I use to fill holes in my wood furniture

Oh, and! The interior shelf was original, it was thin and sagging down pretty intensely when we got it, so it's been removed to make room for a new one we will be cutting next week! All and all, I’m super stoked about how this piece is going to look when it’s all done!

My living room is in disarray right now because the storage the buffet provided is obviously out of commission. We CAN NOT WAIT to get everything back in there. SERIOUSLY, CAN NOT WAIT!

But, we both work in the design/construction industry and understand that often times, things have to get torn apart in order to be put back together in the best way.

The floor lamp hasn’t arrived yet but once it does, I’ll put the one I currently have for sale in Facebook market. Cha-ching!

I actually ordered the same rug in two colour ways. One with a silver background and darker grey lines, and other with a darker grey background with silver lines. I know the darker one is a better option for our home but I have a feeling the lighter one if going to win.

It is killing me not to open them as I write this…

Here are the links to the previous posts:

That's all for now!

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(This post contains affiliate links. It is a small commission paid by the vendor at no additional cost to the purchaser. If you like the items included in this post, please purchase them through the links provided!)

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