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10 ways to jazz up your bathroom on a budget

So you want to add some PIZZAZZ to your bathroom? Hoping it will feel like you've stepped into a spa every time you need to brush your teeth or wash your hands. Can't commit to a full gut and redo?! Well you've come to the right place for some pointers.

1.) Are your bathroom walls covered in tile, other than in the shower?

GET RID OF IT! While some bathrooms look marvellous with tiled walls, unless these tiles fit the look your going for, they leave you with almost no options to change the overall appearance of your bathroom. Scrap them off, refinish the walls and either paint or add wallpaper.

This will allow you to hang art and shelves and even create a feature wall if you dare be so bold. Plus if you get bored of the colour in the future, you can paint them again.

2.) Does the flooring break your heart, every single time you walk in?

While flooring is often considered a larger expense in renovations, bathrooms are small spaces overall and one of the best ways to alter the vibe is to start with the floor, especially if yours is outdated or just plain ugly.

Larger tiles can make a small space feel larger. Get creative with grout colours. Just be sure to specify that the material will be used in a bathroom when you're shopping

3.) Let's talk about that vanity.

Is it old, out dated, maybe just not your style? Do you have enough storage? Have you minimized the clutter on the counter tops? I know, I know, you love your skin care, maybe you're a make-up junkie, perhaps you pamper your hair?! Well, all those products should be kept in places that are not visible.

4.) Replace your faucet and light fixtures!

Gold, bronze or black finishes are super hot right now! They work with literally any style, and if you pick the right style of faucet or light fixture, they will be timeless for many years to come - even if you decide to redo the entire bathroom in the future.

5.) Replace or up-cycle your vanity mirror!

Putting a larger mirror in your bathroom will make the whole space seem larger. OR, you can opt to paint the frame of the mirror you already have. Pick a colour that will work well with the room as it is, but that will also work with any future changes you make!

6.) Artwork

I love seeing quirky or cheeky artwork in bathrooms. They add visual interest and may even get a laugh or two while your guests take care of business. "No selfies in the bathroom" is a fun one, or another favourite is "Text if you are out of TP".

If those aren't quite your style, you can find less provocative sayings or art to hang on your bathroom walls at almost every decor store out there.

AND, if you really want to lower the cost, you can download and print many different pieces to frame and add to your walls.

7.) Shelves with baskets!

Adding some floating shelves or even an over the toilet space saver will first allow for more storage, especially in small bathrooms or powder rooms. Plus, you can jazz these up with decor.

If you opt for an open concept storage system, go find yourself some beautiful baskets that you can toss things into without them being visible.

8.) Swap the packaging on your products!

Great examples of this are soap dispensers, cute jars for q-tips or cotton swabs and even bottles for your bubble bath.

I love finding antique vases, jars, glasses, boxes, etc. at local thrift stores here in Toronto and adding them to every room in my condo.

For a more farmhouse oriented look, try mason jars. There are loads of videos on Pinterest and YouTube on how to paint mason jars, or add twine to give them that true country feel.

9.) Plants! Flowers! Greenery!

Plants are important for every space. Not only do they remove CO2 from the air but we feel more at home and at peace when they are around nature. They soothe are our souls. Flowers add beauty and some even add light scents to the air.

Don't be afraid of adding faux plants if you don't want the added work of caring for them.

10.) Air fresheners

A space doesn't need to have an unflattering smell to entice you to add an air freshener. Have you ever walked by a Cinnabon, the delicious scent overwhelming you, mouth watering, all of a sudden stress drains away...

Well, I'm not saying your bathroom should smell like a Cinnabon, but it will feel much more luxe if you walk in and smell something nice than nothing at all.

10 ways to jazz up your bathroom on a budget

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