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Hello  Fellow  Designer!

We also offer many services to designers!


Take a look below to find out what sort of things we regularly help other designers with!


And, if you have a service request that is not listed, shoot us an email so we can get chatting about your needs!

VA  Services

As you know, a wide variety of tasks fall under this category. Some of our greatest strengths are:

Mood Boards

Floor Plan Creation

Space Planning - even complex spaces

Sourcing & Shopping List Creation

Concept Boards

Rendering - Photo-realistic 4K & Panoramic Walk-through

Installation Guide

skp. Model Development

Order Management

General Admin

Project & Client File Management

To give you an idea of our capabilities, here are some of the programs that Novak Design Co. most commonly utilizes:






Beyond these programs and apps, we are versatile and tactical in the way we work and if a program you want tasks done with is not here, please let us know and we can confirm if it's something we work with.

Local  Assistant  Services

All of the above services are available locally within Toronto in person where needed.

Further, we offer:

Consultation Assistance

Site Measure

Concept Presentation

Trade & Project Management

Install Day Assistance

What   is   the   Process?

The Vision ·     The Work ·     The Wait ·     The Rush ·     The Reveal.

chic design firm workspace with plant and gold

1.) Questionnaire


2.) Client Brief Presentation

3.) Consultation & Measurements

4.) Paperwork

5.) Concept Presentation 

6.) Finish Sourcing & Trade Selection

7.) Construction

8.) Product Purchasing

9.) Install


10.) Photo shoot


11.) Time to show off

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