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How  to  Submit  Furniture  &  Decor  You're  Keeping

We don't expect you to buy all new furniture! In fact, if you have pieces that you still love or that are in great condition, we'll do our best to find a way to incorporate them into our design plan!

BUT, we will need dimensions and photos of them before we can plan for them! These photos will be used in the deliverables we send to you. Depending on the package you selected, some deliverables might include: mood boards, concept boards & renders!

What You Need: for the photos:
  • Camera – phone or digital

  • Stepping stool or chair

  • Time during the morning or mid-day (if possible)

What You Need for the dimensions:
  • Pad of blank or graph paper – if something needs to be sketched

  • Ruler – if something needs to be sketched

  • Pencil & eraser – if something needs to be sketched

  • Access to Microsoft Excel and/or a printer – tell us if you don’t use Microsoft Excel

  • Additional Dimensions worksheet – digital or printed

  • Measuring Tape

  • Helping Hand – if possible, to help you measure

The  Process:
  1. Photographs – furniture & décor you plan to keep

  2. Dimensions – fill out the worksheet we provide

Tips  Before  you  Start  Snapping:

It's best to snap pictures during the day, in natural light.

  • Use artificial light if necessary

  • Try to avoid photos that look yellow (from lighting)

  • Take straight, clear, bright, good quality photos

  • The item should not have any clutter around it or be overlapped by other items

Use your best judgment when snapping photos of your furniture and décor.

  • Should the picture be taken straight on or should it be taken on an angle?

  • Should the camera be centred between the top and bottom, left and right?

If possible, take your décor photos with a contrasting background.

  • This really helps us when it comes to removing the background

  • Take photos of mirrors with as little reflection as possible

  • Take photos of artwork with no glare

Tips  Before  you  Take  Furniture  Dimensions:

For starters, let's make sure we're on the same page with Length, Width, Depth, Height...

We use W x D x H

Width is always side to side when you are looking at the front of a piece. If it's a table or other item that doesn't really have a "front", then use the longest side as the width. 

Depth is always front to back.

Height is always top to bottom.

Seat Height is from the floor to the top of a seat or cushion. 

Seat Depth is from the from of the seat/cushion to where your back would sit.

Diameter is used when and item is round, two measurements will be identical.

FFF means, from finished floor. If you are providing this measurement, be sure to include one of the following:


B = to Bottom

C = to Center

T = To Top

Measuring Guide (4).png
Measuring Guide (5).png

If you are not sure how to get the measurements of an oddly shaped item – ask us!

We know that some items are hard to measure, like ceiling lights – just do your best, but, be as accurate as possible.

To get the depth of a chair that has a slanted back, put it against a wall, then measure from the front of it to the wall! 

Not sure what something means on the worksheet – ask us!

If you are filling it out digitally, make sure you double check what you type!

Here’s a screenshot of the Additional Dimensions worksheet you will receive once your Virtual Interior Design Project begins:


Notes – jot down any information or even questions you think relate to the item

From finished floor – sometimes written as FFF - used to measure how high something that doesn’t touch the floor is off it.

You should measure from the floor to the bottom of this item.

Examples are:​

  • Mirrors or Artwork (already hung)

  • Ceiling Lights

  • Coat Hooks

Seat H – Seat Height – used for chairs, sofa’s, benches etc.

Feeling  a  Little  Overwhelmed?!

If you are located in the GTA, we offer the option to come in and take the measurements and before photos for you. This service is charged at $125/hour.


Alternatively, you can always hire a local trades person to come and take the measurements and ask a friend or family member to help with the photos.

Please note that we are not responsible for any issues caused by incorrect dimensions that are submitted.

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