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Comfy family room with elegant touches in Richmond Hill
How  to  Photograph  of  Your  Room

Now it's time to snap the before photos of your room. This will help us properly visualize its characteristics and see the things we need to work around during your Interior Design project.


This is where you and your camera become our eyes, so let your inner photographer SHINE!


You do not need to be a professional, just follow the guide below and remember, there’s no such thing as “too many” photos – the more the better!!

What You Need:
  • Camera – phone or digital

  • Stepping stool or chair

  • Time during the morning or mid-day (if possible)

The  Photograph  Process:
  1. Full Walls – photos from as far back as possible

  2. Partials – any areas that were tough to capture before

  3. Finishes – any surface fixed to the house (Ie. the flooring, wall colour, ceiling lights)

  4. Furniture & Décor – you plan to keep, (see page): How to Submit Your Furniture & Décor

  5. Video –  slow motion, walking around the room, filming the space

Tips  Before  you  Start  Snapping:
  1. Take straight, clear, bright, good quality photos during the day

  2. Open all the drapes and blinds or (as a last resort) turn on the lights where necessary

  3. Remove ALL clutter from the space

  4. Do a test run before snapping a bunch of photos:

  • Take one or two photos with the lights on

  • Take one or two photos with them off

  • Try with the flash, although this should also be a last resort

  • Ask yourself, can someone who has never been in this room tell what it actually looks like?

Time  to  Take  Some  Photos:


Start by facing the door, a good distance away so you can get as much in the photo as possible.

  • Snap photos and slowly spin in a circle as you get pictures of the entire room

  • Take horizontal and vertical photos if needed


Slowly move around the room continuing to snap photos.

  • If you have high ceilings, don’t forget to take a couple photos showing us up there & and any architectural features like bulkheads we might need to know about

  • If you are working around furniture, you may need to take a couple photos on the stepping stool, so we get the full vision for the space

  • Where possible, try to take photos straight on like this one:

how to photograph a room, how to take photos of a room, how to take pictures of a room


If the room is large or oddly shaped (open concept) do the previous steps from central points of each area within the room – see below.

  • The cameras represent where this client should stand when taking pictures

  • Use your best discretion, we’ll ask if we need additional shots!

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Before  Submitting  your  Pics

Look through all the photos you took and make sure:

  • They are good quality & none are blurry

  • Nothing is missing

  • The lighting is good

Prep your photos by putting them in order as if they are a virtual tour walking around the room.

  • Rename them, 1,2,3,4 so they stay in order

  • This will help you notice if something is missing

  • If you have trouble with this, we can help – just let us know!

If you want to add some notes about certain photos, go right ahead! The more information you provide the more streamlined the process will be! Just email us the info with the name of the photo it pertains to.

Don't  Forget  to  Submit  a  Video

This helps us spot things that might have been missed, see walkway clearances and so on. Zoom in on certain areas and feel free to make comments as you go.

  • Start at the door, stand a good distance from the wall and walk around the room slowly

  • What’s App – is the best method to send videos back and forth! If you don’t use it, let us know and we’ll suggest another method!

Feeling  a  Little  Overwhelmed?!

If you are located in the GTA, we offer the option to come in and take measurements and before photos for you. This service is charged at $125/hour.


Alternatively, you can always ask a friend or family member who is good with a camera to help you!

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